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About Laurentiu Trandafir

Qualifications and Training

  • Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Training, The Guild of Psychotherapists (ongoing)
  • Postgraduate certificate, Psychoanalysis.
  • BA (Hons), Political Philosophy.
Laurentiu Trandafir, Abbey Wood Therapy, Psychonalytic Psychotherapist
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Clinical training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy 

I am approaching the end of my training (2022) at The Guild of Psychotherapists, working towards full accreditation (after 5 years). I have a trainee membership with UKCP, and I abide by their Ethical Code of Practice.


I have been trying to make sense of the world (or people) around me since I can remember. My interest took me to psychology and more broadly to questions about how the mind works.

Why are we sad? Or happy? Or even angry? Is it just a response to an external or present action, or is there more to it than that? 

If the past influences the present, then how can we introduce change? Is our life determined from birth or do we get to make choices? If we do, how do we know we made the right choice(s)?

All these questions have led me to study philosophy in trying to figure out how others have answered these questions before us.

Why I became a psychotherapist

I then realised that there may be a way to answer at least some if not all these questions for ourselves. That has brought me to psychoanalysis. 

I recognised that psychotherapy is a journey you embark upon, if you would like to get to know how you came to be who you are. Also perhaps to rediscover your past in a different light. It might not always be easy or comfortable, but it is a path towards self-knowledge. 

I became a psychotherapist because I wanted to be there for other people on their journey, no matter what they are dealing with.

How I work

I work by trying to explore with you the different aspects of your life that you find difficult, challenging or you feel ambivalent about.

I am interested in what brings you to seek psychotherapy, the connection between childhood and other past experiences and your present difficulties, as well as discovering unconscious parts of your personality.

Read more about my approach → 

About the space

I work from a quiet and cosy consulting room in Abbey Wood, a couple of minutes away from the Abbey Wood station and the new Elizabeth Line.

I also see people in Central London at the Guild of Psychotherapists in Southwark. 

I also work online with people living outside the London area.

Why Choose Abbey Wood Therapy

  • To get a better understanding of the nature of your mind and its dynamics.
  • To get more insight into yourself and relationships with others.
  • To improve your way of dealing with your psychological pain or suffering. 
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